This week’s dinner menu was pretty balanced! We had one day a filling salad, one day egg, one day fish, one day chicken, and one day red meat.

The Niçoise salad had green beans, hard boiled egg, boiled potatoes, canned tuna, anchovies, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives.

The potato omelet is the classic Spanish omelet or tortilla de patatas, that will come sooner rather than later to the blog… It’s the same concept as my Eggplant and zucchini tortilla but with potatoes.

The white bean salad is another classic in my kid’s lunch boxes. It has white beans (I use Great Northern beans or Canellini), pepper, cucumber, tomato and canned tuna.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Oatmeal Toast w/ jam Power bowl Cereals w/ milk Yogurt w/ granola
Lunch box Rice w roasted chicken Ground beef w/ cherry tomatoes and corn Avocado and ham taco Mac & cheese White bean salad*
Dinner Niçoise salad* Potato omelet* + salad Soy glazed baked salmon + roasted cauliflower & brussels sprouts + salad Butternut squash soup + grilled chicken w/ Provence herbs + salad Beef burgers + salad

Breakfast is accompanied by either a piece of fruit or a smoothie.

Lunch boxes always have a serving of raw vegetables (carrots, peppers, cucumber or cherry tomatoes and I alternate between them) and fruit that varies depending on what they had for breakfast.

For dinner we have a salad almost every day and it is usually a green salad with a combination of whatever I have in the fridge: lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, shredded carrots, corn, avocado, sunflower seeds. And dessert is always a fruit.

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