Well, well, well… I’m finally back. Last week I finally I managed to do some decent cooking and slowly started to get things under control…

I prepared a big batch of meatballs, big enough to freeze some for lunch boxes; shrimp cauliflower curry; and chickpeas with spinach, raisins and pine nuts.

The meatballs were a hit! I prepared them with just beef, shredded carrot and zucchini. I pan seared them before adding them to the tomato sauce, and served them with rice.

The shrimp cauliflower curry turned out also really good. I made the curry sauce with mild curry paste and coconut milk. Because I felt it needed some flavor, I added some curry powder, cumin, ginger and turmeric. I first sautéed the shrimp and vegetables (onion, carrots and cauliflower), then added the curry sauce and let cook until the cauliflower was cooked.

For the chickpeas with spinach, I sautéed the spinach with the raisins and pine nuts and added the cooked chickpeas at the end. Easy peasy delicious.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Oatmeal PBJ sandwich Cereals w/ milk Yogurt w/ granola Power bowl
Lunch box Rice w/ black beans Lentils w/ rice & chorizo Ham & cheese sandwich Pasta & meatballs White bean salad
Dinner Mahi mahi, peas, brussels sprouts + salad Meatballs w/ rice + salad Cauliflower shrimp curry w/ rice Chickpeas w spinach, raisins and pine nuts + grilled chicken Scrambled eggs w/ ham + salad

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