Last week I continued experimenting with my air fryer. I tried roasting Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. The Brussels sprouts turned out great. I peeled them all off and cooked the leaves for just 3 minutes and they were done. Added some Parmesan cheese and it was a perfect side for my quiche. The cauliflower turned out so so… Not sure if I over cooked it but it was too soft and with a strange after taste. I think I will continue roasting my cauliflower in the oven… Then I tried something I really really like: fried battered eggplant. This is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant, but I just eat it maybe once a year because you eat a ton of oil with them. It is basically sliced eggplant coated with a batter made of a mix of flour and water and then deep fried in oil. The batter and the eggplant soak in a ton of oil making them pretty heavy, but extremely delicious. They are crispy and moist and silky and delicious! So I tried them on the air fryer. They did not disappoint, they cooked nicely and they were crisp. But… they did not taste the same. Now, the question I have to answer is if the difference in taste is acceptable enough to change and have these eggplant more often in the air fryer (compromising taste), or if I’d rather keep my deep fried eggplant and just have it once a year (compromising the frequency). And I don’t have the answer yet… Will give them another shot soon and see how I feel about it… And the last thing I tried was homemade chicken nuggets, which turned out great!!! I just cut chicken breast in little bites, breaded them with egg and panko breadcrumbs (first time trying panko-loved it!) and put them in the air fryer. Those are definitely keepers!!

Besides from the air fryer experiments, this week we had a delicious quinoa, black bean and sweet potato salad with cilantro lime dressing (the recipe is already up in the blog); a ham and mushroom quiche; and a birthday dinner that was raclette, as per the birthday boy request. We had some filet mignon, shrimp, and veggies that we cooked in a super hot stone in the center of the table and obviously, boiled potatoes with raclette cheese. Chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows, and birthday cake for dessert. Couldn’t be any other way.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Yogurt
Cereal w/ milk Orange Oatmeal
Bagel w/ jam
Orange smoothie
Power bowl
Greek yogurt
Lunch box Rice w/ canned tuna & corn Meatballs w/ rice Black beans, avocado and ham wrap Pasta w/ tomato sauce & mushrooms Ham & cheese sandwich, hummus & crackers
Dinner Quinoa, black beans, sweet potato salad + gazpacho Ham & mushroom quiche + brussels sprouts + salad Lentils, cauliflower, eggplant Raclette Air fryer chicken nuggets, brussels sprouts + salad

Lunch boxes always have a serving of raw vegetables (carrots, peppers, cucumber or cherry tomatoes and I alternate between them) and fruit that varies depending on what they had for breakfast.

And the dinner salad it’s usually a green salad with a combination of whatever I have in the fridge: lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, shredded carrots, corn, avocado, sunflower seeds. And dessert is always a fruit.

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