Mangoes are here!!

Mangoes, they are here!!! Before moving to Miami I had no idea how a mango tree looked like nor that there are more than 200 species of mangoes… Even more, I didn’t really liked mango that much… Well, know what? We have three huge mango trees in our backyard. And you know what does that mean? That during the summertime there are a loooooooot of mangoes around. A LOT.

Since we moved to this house almost five years ago, we’ve been learning about these amazing trees. Every year there is something different from the previous one that gives us a lot to talk about.

mango tree
One of our mango trees

Our trees start blossoming around January-February and the first mangoes are ripe around mid to late June from two of the trees. Our third tree comes later, the mangoes are ready in August and we eat the last ones in October. Crazy, eh?! We eat mangoes basically from June to October! You can imagine that by October we’re done with anything related to mangoes… This year has been strange though, the trees blossomed really early on in December and they were in full bloom by the end of the month. Which means that it is mid-May and mangoes are ripe already! A month earlier than what we had seen all the previous years. Stupid global warming!  

green mango hanging from a tree

Our first mangoes to ripe are round and you can tell they are ready to be picked up by the color of the skin which turns from a dark crimson to a bright shiny red with some yellow or orange. (The other day I was telling my husband that we have developed an eye to the differences in shades of reds the same way Innuits can distinguish different tones of whites!). These mangoes are sweet and delicious but their flesh is a bit fibrous. On the other hand, the mangoes in our late tree barely change color when ripe, they stay green with some dark red, and you only know they are ripe when they feel soft when pressing them. And these are my favorite mangoes. They are sweet and flavorful, and smooth and silky. They’re amazingly delicious, basically. Oh! And they can be huge: they can weigh up to 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)!!

wagon full with mangoes

So, what do we do with all these mangoes??? Well, first of all, we eat mango every single day during 5 months. There is always cut mango in the fridge and we constantly snack on it. We have it as dessert for lunch and dinner. We love it with this powdered chile with salt and lime (we have a Mexican brand called “Miguelito” but in the US you can find “Tajin” which is a similar version of it). And there’s also a jar of pureed mango (all the super ripe mangoes go there) in the fridge that the kids drink it as if it was a smoothie. Then, we make a lot of people happy. We give them away to anyone that crosses our path: friends, school teachers, whoever comes to the house to fix something up… Then, my kids spend some fun time selling mangoes on the street. They don’t have many clients as we live in a rarely quite street but they looove to have their mango stand, and it is a good way to kill some time during the summer days (not sure they’ll be able to do it this year 🙁 ). And lastly, we try every single mango recipe out there! Well, maybe not every single one, but we’ve done a few so far: mango ice cream, mango sorbet, mango jam, mango smoothies, dehydrated mango, mango puree, mango cocktails, …  There is a lot of mango prep these days in my kitchen.

close up of ripe mangoes

Well, you can imagine I will be bringing some mango recipes in the blog in the following months 😊.

As for now, stay safe everyone and talk to you soon!

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