Mango fruit roll-ups

Ready for some mango fruit roll-ups???

A couple of years ago I got a dehydrator for my birthday. It was June, right in time for the mango season. I had been playing around with the idea of a dehydrator for a long time, but I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it: it was expensive and big, another big apparatus at home was the last thing I wanted. So at the end my husband made the decision for me and bought it for my birthday. And I have to say, that when mangoes are in, I use it non-stop. I dehydrate mango and store it in jars with the hope that I will have some for the rest of the year… ha! Wishful thinking, I’m lucky if it lasts a couple of weeks!!!! I have also tried other fruits such as apple, strawberries, papaya and I can’t remember what else. Hands down my favorite is mango followed by apples which are delicious too.

srtips and rolls in a glass jar of mango roll-ups

This year I tried something new. I was surfing the web for some mango recipes inspiration and came across a mango fruit roll-ups one. My kids are obsessed with those horrid fruit roll-ups that have everything in them but fruit, so I thought this would be a great recipe to try. And indeed, an ENORMOUS, success!!! So much, that we have division of opinions at home on what is best, if just dehydrated mango or mango fruit roll-ups…

view from above of strips and rolled mango fruit roll-ups

The recipe is simple: you just need mango pure. That’s it! Not even a dehydrator! You can use your regular oven, many of the recipes I read were done using the oven.

Basically, puree the mango, spread it out over parchment paper in a relatively thick layer and put it in the dehydrator or oven at a very low temperature (around 150-160°F) for a looooong time (anywhere between 6-8 hours, depending on your dehydrator/oven and how thick your layer of mango pure is).

close up view of a rolled mango fruit roll-up

It is a superfun recipe to make, kids absolutely love them. So much that when they are eating strips and strips of these mango fruit roll-ups and I’m inclined to tell them to stop eating, I have to remind myself that they’re just eating pure mango pure.

5 srtips of mango fruit roll-ups
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close up of a rolled mango fruit roll-up

Mango fruit roll-ups

  • Author: Carla
  • Prep Time: 10 min
  • Cook Time: 6-8 h
  • Total Time: 6-8 h
  • Yield: 1 sheet (9 strips) 1x


A superfun recipe to make that your kids (and yourself) will absolutely love! When they can’t stop eating them, you’ll have to remind yourself that they are just eating fruit!!



This recipe is for 1 sheet of 9×9 in of mango puree which is the size of my dehydrator tray. If you use a regular oven and a baking sheet, you can probably use 2 cups of mango for the full baking sheet.

  • 1 ½ cups mango puree


  1. Pre-heat your dehydrator or oven to 160°F.
  2. Pure mango in a blender until it is very smooth.
  3. Prepare a sheet of parchment the size of the dehydrator tray or baking sheet if you use the oven. Pour mango puree over the parchment paper and spread it out as even as possible. It should be around 1/6 inch thick.
  4. Put the trays in the dehydrator or oven for 6-8 hours, or until the mango layer is dry and not sticky to the touch. Times vary greatly between dehydrators and ovens so I recommend checking it regularly, especially the first time doing it.
  5. When done, let cool and cut the mango sheet in 1-inch strips (with the parchment paper-no need to remove it, this way they won’t stick with each other). Roll them up and store them (if you can!) in an airtight container.

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