Cherries (in June…)

This will be a super short post about the title of the blog. Why Cherries in June, you might ask? Well, because cherries are my all-time favorite fruit and June is the time of the year when they are in season (at least where I grew up!) and it’s my birthday!

red cherries in two white bowls

My grandmother used to have three enormous cherry trees in her farm. Those cherries, oh my God! I have never tasted anything like that!!! They were big and sweet and juicy with an intense red color palette ranging from bright red to dark burgundy almost black. I have probably spent hours under those trees picking cherries: one to the box, one to my mouth. And after hearing every year over and over again that I would get a tummy ache if I ate too many warm cherries from the trees, I never got one!

Those trees gave so many cherries that we would pick boxes and boxes we took home that wouldn’t last long…  Sometimes, after distributing many of them among family and friends, my grandmother would even exchange them with other farmers for something she would not have in the farm at the moment, maybe a couple of rabbits or some peaches.

It was the happy season for me and it marked the beginning of summer, more happiness was about to come!!

two red cherries standing with stem intertwined

If you wondered what nutritional value do cherries have, according to the USDA National Nutrient Database, one cup of cherries (around 18-20 cherries) contains 3 grams of fiber (13% of the daily recommendation), 10.8 milligrams of Vitamin C and low amounts of beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin B-6 and vitamin A. They are high in phytosterols (17mg/cup), plant sterols which have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. And yes, they are sweet and contain sugar, 20 grams of sugar per cup of cherries to be precise (25 gr of carbohydrates and 97 calories total).

And for me, there is no cherry recipe that beats eating the fruit as is. I don’t fancy any cherry pie or strudel, just gimme a bowl of cherries I’ll eat them all!  

red cherries in a bowl

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