Hi! I’m Carla and this is my little experiment where I share recipes, my weekly meal planning and anything food-nutrition that interests me.

I cook and plan the meals for a family of 5. My favorite food related word is BALANCE. I grew up eating fresh and seasonal foods and that has certainly been imprinted in my cooking. I (try to) cook healthy, tasty food from wholesome ingredients. Real food for real people. I don’t believe in demonizing any type of food, so we also indulge here and there, because what would life be without pleasure?

My special relationship with food started very early on when I was a kid. Most of the fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat I ate growing up came from my grandmother’s farm in the north east of Spain. And even though I was not a veggie-lover child I appreciated every single food we brought home from the farm. For me meals were made from scratch with fresh seasonal products. This was my reality and this is how I cook.

Having to feed little mouths inevitably reshaped my cooking. Now when I plan our meals, the nutritional balance is at the center of the equation. I know the impact this will have in our kid’s health in the long run and I can’t just ignore it. We eat lots of fruits, vegetables and legumes; not too much meat, not enough fish, and I try to stay away of refined or processed carbohydrates as much as I can. But I definitely enjoy baking and we have sweet treats here and there. I use olive oil for pretty much everything and we’re always munching on nuts and seeds.

A couple of years ago I started planning our weekly menus. I realized that with little kids around I had to be much more organized and efficient in the kitchen. No time for last minute what-are-we-having-for-dinner-now? So I started a weekly meal planning. Every weekend I plan the week’s menu: breakfast, lunch boxes and dinner. Monday to Friday, weekends are open to the unexpected! It made my life so much easier that I believe it’s worth sharing it with the world!

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope you enjoy it!!